Bing Surf Shop: Now Carrying Seea Women’s Swimwear

Mele Swamis Seea

Bing Surf Shop is proud to announce that we now carry Seea Swimwear. Summer is just around the corner and the water is already warming up. Be sure to get your new Seea styles before they disappear. Above Mele Saili is wearing the new Swami’s one piece play suit. Below left Lola is seen in the Zuma one piece. Bottom right shows the Palmas one piece play suit. We also have the Ensenada tops and bottoms. More styles arriving soon so be sure to come by and check them out.


Mele Wins at Noosa

Mele Contest WinAll photos except bottom left:, Bottom Left: Mele Saili

Huge congratulations to Bing Surfboards tema rider Mele Saili for her recent win at the Noosa Festival of Surfing in Australia! Mele won the Women’s Goddess Open division where she took home a beautiful pink longboard. Mele also placed equal 5th in the Maui Jim’s Women’s Pro division. Look for Mele entering more comps around the globe in the near future. We’re stoked to have Mele representing Bing Surfboards and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Wetsuits, Handplanes and Shades on Sale


Xcel 3/2mm Wetsuits 25% Off. Danny Hess Handplanes 25% Off. Rayban, D’blanc and Oakley shades 30% off at the Bing Surf Shop in Encinitas. Come by and get some surf necessities at a great price.

New Brixton Hats in Stock at the Bing Surf Shop


The sun just won’t go away but we’re not complaining. So we’ve got some stylish ways for you to give your face some shade. Check out our new selection of Brixton hats for men and women. Visit our Bing Surfboards Surf Shop in Encinitas, CA to get one for yourself.

Dave Rastovich on

Rasta_SurferArticlePhotos: Swilly via

Check out the recent article of Dave Rastovich being interviewed on Dave is seen above riding a Bing twin-fin fish customized by Matt Calvani. Matt and Dave have been working on some new concepts for the board model which seem to be working well. In the article Dave speaks about life shaping experiences and activism. Check it out here:

Bing Towels

Bing Towels

We just received our new Bing Towels in stock. We’ve got two colors to choose from; Navy and Teal. These towels are on the lighter side so they won’t weigh you down. Perfect size for changing into your wetsuit or laying around at the beach or pool.

Buy the Navy towel here:
Buy the Teal towel here:

Australian Foil:

Meet Ryan Shaver – New Bing Surf Shop Manager


Ryan Shaver is a family man who loves surfing and the California hotrod culture of the 50′s and 60′s. Ryan first met Matt Calvani back when they both worked for Becker surfboards. Ryan stayed with Becker for 12 years before moving onto companies such as Quicksilver and Rip Curl. Most recently Ryan worked along side Woolie as an apprentice building motorcycles for Deus ex Machina. His love for hotrods, motorcycles and the California culture around them meant that Ryan was very familiar with Bing Surfboards. It’s not uncommon to see a hotrod pic from the past with a Bing Surfboard somewhere near by. Ryan’s passion for building bikes and cars translates to his love for manufacturing surfboards. He even worked for a number of years as a sander for Becker.

Ryan often can be seen polishing all the surfboards like they are pristine hotrods from the past. His attention to detail and knowledge of the surfboards is a great resource for all those who come in wanting to learn more about the boards and the brand. We’re excited to have Ryan on board and look forward to seeing how he puts his stamp on the Bing Surfboards Surf Shop.

You’ll see a change soon with new products he’s already bringing in. Some notable lines landing soon will be from Brixton, Hippy Tree, Raen and Seea. Be sure to stop by, say hi and talk story.

James Parry Party Recap

James, Bing, Matt, Margaret & Jacobleft: James Parry and Bing Copeland. Right: Matt, Margaret and Jacob Calvani.

Last Saturday we had the James Parry Surfboard Model Release Party and Photo Show featuring James Parry’s photography. Bing Copeland even made it down from Idaho to help James celebrate the release of his new surfboard model. It was fitting that Bing was in attendance. It was only 3 short years ago that James first met Bing at an event James organized in the UK. Back then James was not on the Bing team but was a fan. Now he’s stateside riding for Bing Surfboards with his own surfboard model.

James Parry Photography

James Parry is also a talented photographer. Through his travels and surfing connections James has a unique eye for capturing the surf culture he is a part of. You can check out more of his images for sale on his personal website at We dressed up the shop with his images for the evening.

Matt Calvani

Of course everyone wanted to see the new Surfboard Model designed by James Parry and Matt Calvani. Matt was busy all night explaining the features and design process that took over a year to perfect for James Parry’s own model. It’s a board that nose rides insane but had to work in all kinds of conditions since James travels so much. A definite winner design wise that will work for all types of surfers.

James Parry Party

The party went on into the night. Bing Copeland was spreading surf knowledge and taking photos with the fans of the brand. Pabst Blue Ribbon beer generously kept everyone hydrated throughout the evening. We were stoked to see such a great response for one of our riders. Thanks to everyone who made the event possible and for all those who stopped by to enjoy the simple pleasures of surfboards and surf stories. See you next time at the Bing Surfboards Surf Shop.

Learn more about James’s surfboard here:

TBT: Time of Transition

Nuuhiwa_Sutherland_tbt David Nuuhiwa surfing Pipeline in early winter 1965 on a Bing custom shape with Jock Sutherland looking on riding a Donald Takayama signature model.

Donald Takayama moved on to shape under the Jacobs surfboard label in December of 1966. Even though David Nuuhiwa’s iconic status and surfboard model was enough to carry the Bing label for a few more years Bing recognized he needed a high profile replacement to keep moving forward. David Nuuhiwa and Duke Boyd (Hang Ten owner) recommended Dick Brewer. Dick had just left Hobie and Bing knew it would be a handful to get Dickskill100_brewer signed. In the winter of 1966 Bing and Boyd flew over to Maui to make their pitch to Dick Brewer. It took paying Dick $50 per board he shaped (double the rate of the time) and a $25 per board royalty fee for Dick Brewer model boards made under the Bing label. Bing also installed an air-conditioned unit in Brewer’s shaping room. The topper was buying Dick Brewer a brand new, highly polished Skil 100 planer. It was enough and the deal was inked. The relationship solidified both label and shaper into the surfboard building hall of fame. The two boards that came out of the relationship, and boards that we still make today, were the Brewer-designed Bing Pipeliners and the offspring Pintail Lightweight.

The information and images were pulled from our book “Bing Surfboards fifty years of craftsmanship and innovation”. Purchase the book here:

Peter & Jens on Good Morning Sweden

Peter & Jens Show

Peter Sahlberg and Jens Holmer were recently interviewed on “Good Morning Sweden”. They have an 8 episode series that is running in Sweden about their surf camp they run called Surf Akademin ( Peter and Jens have been visiting Encinitas and riding Bing Surfboards for many years now. The orange board seen in interview is a Bing Surfboard. The model is a modified Elevator called the “Peter & Jens model”. Many of the Swedish surfers that attend and learn to surf with them ride the many Bing Surfboards they have on hand. They have locations all over the world and offer full packages that handle every aspect of the persons journey. Great for the beginning surfer coming out of Sweden. If you want to check out their site visit here: Warning it’s in Swedish as is the interview below. Thanks Peter and Jens for the plug.

Rastovich on Bing Twin-Fin – Surfer Photo Annual 2015

Surfer Mag - Dave Rastovichpic: Swilly via Surfer Mag

We are stoked to see Dave Rastovich riding a custom Bing Twin-Fin Fish for the opening spread of the Surfer Mag Photo Annual 2015 article. Dave’s been testing and showing what can be done with a custom designed Twin-fin by working with Matt Calvani. Looking forward to more.

James Parry Surfboard Model Release Party & Photo Show

James Parry Surfboard Release Party

Join us Saturday, Feb 21st from 5pm-8pm for the James Parry surfboard model release party and photo show by James Parry. The multi talented surfer/photographer will be in attendance to chat surf, design and photography. We’ll have free appetizers, music and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer to make it a party.

Read about James Parry’s new board here: VIEW THE JAMES PARRY MODEL SURFBOARD

Bing Surf Shop: Valentine’s Day Sale


Bing Surfboards Surf Shop is having a Valentines Day sale from now until end of day Sat, Feb 14th. Get something nice for the one you love.

30% OFF: Banks Brand Clothing; Rayban, Oakley and D’Blanc sunglasses; Krotchet Kids beanies and scarves; Voluspa Candles; Danny Hess hand planes and Paipos.

50% OFF: Voluspa Candles (Christmas fragrances); Olukai Sandles, Bing Surfboards Hats

The Italians and the Day at the Beach


A recent sunny day had visiting Bing Surfboards team rider Alessandro Ponzanelli and friends from Italy visiting the Bing Surf Shop. Although it’s been warm here in Encinitas back in Italy it’s quite cold. Cristina picks up a few Krotchet Kids hand knit beanies for herself and some friends back home while Cristina, Natalia and Mele discuss which Carver bike board rack to get for Cristina’s bike back in Italy. Of course Alessandro and Sebastiano were looking at boards and soon the discussion turned to the surf. Beacons up the street was looking fun so we decided to grab the water camera and head out.

Alessandro and Sebastiano

The weather was perfect and the waves were playful. A building NW swell served up some fun ones for both Allessandro and Sebastiano. Cristina got in on the action splitting the peak with Sebastiano on a nice little A-frame peak that snuck through the pack.


A nice surprise to see Margaret paddle up with her big smile. Seems she was able to break away from her new baby boy Jacob and sneak in some waves. We find out that the Bing family is on the beach making a day of the sunshine. Natalia and Margaret end up sharing some waves. The surf session is turning out to be full of friends and laughter.

Bing Family

On the beach we find some tents adding shade for the babies, Amanda and Annabelle from Seea, Arianne, Massimo and Dan in the mix along with the Italians coming in from the surf. Brad, Adam and Matt sit back and take in the scenery seeing if it’s worth a second session. They spot Mick Rodgers getting a good one so Adam and Alessandro head back out for a few more.

Adam, Mick and Alessandro

Mick gets a little A-frame hang ten while Adam nabs a set out the back and draws a deep bottom turn on his new Pintail Mini. Alessandro gets in on the hang ten action on his new Bing Mr. Rodgers Model. Looks like the call to paddle back out was a good one. Soon after the winds pick up and the tide bottoms out sending everyone in.

Stoked to have our Italian friends in town to help remind us to slow it down and go for a surf. It’s always good to break away from the routine a bit and share some waves with friends. Turned out to be a nice day riding Bing Surfboards in our backyard.

Share the Love Sale


Share the Love this Valentines day by giving someone a Bing Surfboard. From now until Saturday, Feb 14. we are taking $100 off of any Short Board or Mid-length Board on our website or at the Bing Surf Shop in Encinitas, CA. Use the coupon code: binglove100 during checkout to receive your discount. (Does not include custom orders.) Shop Now

TBT: Cover Shot for International Surfing 1965


In December of 1965, International Surfing’s cover story was “The Signature Model Era” and featured manufacturers (seated) with their top surfer-shapers. Left to right: Donald Takayama and Bing Copeland; Harold Iggy and Dewey Weber; Phil Edwards and Hobie Alter, Mike Doyle and Don Hansen; Mike Hynson and Larry Gordon. Jackets, ties and hard shoes presumably suggested a more “professional” phase in the sport and industry. Although you have to love Takayama crushing the fur coat for the shot.

This image and info taken from Chapter Four: The Swinging Mid-Sixties in the book “Bing Surfboards fifty years of craftsmanship and innovation”. Buy Now

The Sun is Back

Bing Surfboards Surf Shop

Well after a very short bit of rain in San Diego we’re back to sunny skies and shorts weather. It’s always nice after a rain when the sun comes out. Everything seems a bit more fresh. With the east coast socked in currently with cold, snow and high winds we’re glad that we live in the Encinitas surf bubble. The Marigold 6’8″ Collector with clear bottom sits outside waiting patiently to be taken out in the surf. Just up the street consistent swell and north counties gentle reefs call to all it’s residence.

Bing Surfboards Surf Shop

The short walk up Europa and onto Neptune reveals the Southern California dream of beach homes with epic ocean views. The palms create that tropical feel and offer shade to all the runners, bikers and surfers who walk this path.

Bing Surfboards Surf Shop

The parking lot and beach access point offer a view of continued winter NW swell filling in. Light winds give peppered blue textures to the gleaming water. The chest to head high crumbly walls are perfect for the 6’8″ Collector back at the shop. What a shame it’s not in use this day. It’s been a few weeks now of consistent surf so the crowds seem a bit thin for this type of swell. People getting their fill I guess but all to soon there will be a batch of crappy surf and everyone will be jonesing again soon to forget all the surf they had in the past few weeks. If you haven’t made the effort to get to the beach come by the Bing Surf Shop and enjoy the sun, relax on our benches and let the Marigold colored Collector whisper like a siren in your ear. It’s a perfect excuse to slow down and enjoy what North County has to offer.

New Bing Mizu Water Bottles

Bing Mizu Water Bottles

Now in stock new Bing Mizu Water Bottles. Comes in two colors, Bing Blue and Black. 27 oz., fully recyclable and reusable. Help reduce your one use plastic by using this everyday. The perfect daily hydrator. Buy Now

Introducing the Bing-Birdwell Surf Trunk


Bing is happy to announce the arrival of the Bing Surf Trunk made by the original Birdwell Britches company out of Santa Ana, California. Birdwell surf trunks have been hand made in California since 1961; established just after Bing Surfboards in 1959. It made sense that Bing’s first board short would be the classic Birdwell surf trunk with the original Bing Logo patch sewn onto the left thigh. These Navy trunks are clean, simple and perfect for surfing and still made by hand in the same California location. We only made 50 of these so get one while we still have them.
Buy Now

GYBSD and JFSSD Receive Bing Donations food donation

Bing Surfboards Recently visited Ceci and Bill at Got Your Back San Diego ( to deliver the food collections we received at the Bing Surfboards Surf Shop. Over the holidays our customers, family and friends help bring in a healthy sum of breakfast items for under privileged kids in Oceanside. The work Ceci, Bill and Susan do for our local community is invaluable. They pack over 200 backpacks per week to make sure children have food to eat during each weekend when they are away from school and the lunch programs. If you want to get involved or learn more visit their website at It’s a great local cause. If you want to donate feel free to drop items off at our Bing Surfboards Surf Shop.

We also were happy to deliver a box of toys to the Jewish Family Service of San Diego ( They helped to make sure that kids of refugee families in San Diego didn’t go without receiving gifts from Santa. It’s great to see small things help to bring a smile to kids faces. Thank you to all of you who donated to help make this possible.

Bing Surfboards will continue to work with these great charities and we hope you can help out through the year and not just during the holidays. Every bit helps. Best wishes for a great 2015.

Jewish Family Services Donate

New Shop Manager Needed for the Bing Surf Shop

Not Hiring

Thanks to all those who applied and who interviewed. We filled the position and look forward to improving the surf shop and product offerings for all of our customers.

Surf Yogis Natural Alternative Sunscreen

Surf Yogi Sunscreen

Surf Yogi Natural Alternative Sunscreen is now available at the Bing Surfboards Surf Shop. You’ve been asking so we deliver. Made from 7 natural ingredients and that’s it. Safe for you and the environment so it’s one less thing to worry about. You can buy it online or at the Bing Surfboards Surf Shop in Encinitas.

- Contains: Coconut oil, Castor oil, Bees wax, Zinc Oxide, Cocoa powder, Coffee extract & Vanilla bean.
- 80g, Made in Bali
- Smells like chocolate. Don’t eat it.
- Container is tin with a twist on lid
- Check Surf Yogis Instagram: @surfyogis

Surf Yogi Web Page

Video: Chunky Monkey

Chris Del Moro 111 testing a new prototype twin-fin keel fish that Matt Calvani & CDM have been refining recently. Eager to test the board CDM takes it on it’s maiden voyage in some chunky SD surf.