Birdwell Beach Britches Pop-Up Shop

This past Saturday we were stoked to play host the the one-of-a-kind Birdwell Beach Britches pop-up shop "The Bird" - an old fire service truck that has been re-built into a classic California trunk delivery service. Well, as the owner of a few classic cars over the years, I know that one cannot ever fully depend on them ... we got a call from Birdwell saying that "The Bird" wouldn't be flying anywhere south of San Clemente due to mechanical failure. Thankfully though, they were able to load up their stock into a car and still get down here to showcase their classically cool threads. The day was a beautiful one with Mick Rodgers and Adam Cap working the BBQ slinging free hot dogs, and friends lounging in the sun in front of the shop enjoying time together. Thanks to all who made it out!

Mick Fanning, Julian Wilson & Our Quick Thoughts

Surfing was at the forefront of the world this weekend for a reason none of us want to encounter ... But the really cool takeaway from the event for me was seeing the deep act of friendship and brotherhood that took place as one surfer paddled to help another. The ocean is a powerful beautiful place and creates bonds that last a lifetime and transcend fear. So get out there with your buddies and revel in it. // Photo by the always talented Ming Nomchong

Surf Bunker features Bing Surfboards

We were so stoked to be interviewed and featured recently by Surf Bunker. Surf Bunker covered everything from heritage, to sustainable design, to the every popular Dharma 2.0. Click here to check it out.

Bing are undoubtedly at the top of the game if you want a classic board steeped in history, shaped extremely well and has a huge variety models to choose from going back in time.
— Surf Bunker

Mele Saili and Mick Rodgers Featured in Foam Symmetry

  We are so stoked that this months edition of Foam Symmetry features our very own Mele Saili and Mick Rodgers cover to cover. Mele landed an enormous 10 page spread, which showcases her many talents, only one of which is absolutely shredding on a longboard. Drop by the shop and pick up your own copy and give Mele a high five in person.



Richard Kotch and his Bing Dart

We all know that the best surf days are those when Surfline says 'Poor,' but we paddle out anyways and the conditions end up being super fun. Well, Richard Kotch had one of those days but to the next level. Richard describes the day:

"Sometimes you've just got to paddle out! This morning had moments but it was nothing special, I had been swimming for a couple hours when a big squall hit and ripped the swell apart...complete whiteout conditions and totally un surfable so we went in for a coffee...twenty mins later the sky lightened slightly and the wind hinted at backing off so I paddled out. The next 45 mins were the best waves I've seen so far this season!"

Richard is riding his Bing Surfboards Dart Round Pin, and really proving that this board can handle anything from medium days here in Encinitas, to huge 3x overhead days in the Maldives. Way to really put this board through its paces Richard and thank you Amy Kotch for the amazing photograph!


Summer Clothing Is Here

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and we are now officially on the home stretch to Summer! We just unboxed tons of new warm weather clothing and accessories at The Bing Surf Shop to keep you looking good all season long! We have only the best hand picked items from our favorite brands like Brixton, Banks Brand, Pendleton, Hippy Tree, and many more. Stop by the shop to check it all out. SPRING-BING-SURF-SHOP