The Bing Crew Enjoying Some SW/NW Mixed Swell

A-M-J_BeaconsClockwise from top left: Adam Cap, James Parry, James Parry, Mick Rodgers. Photos: Aaron Kim

This week in sunny San Diego we were greeted with a nice mix of SW and NW swells giving us some fun waves up and down our coast. Reports were coming in of a lot of places being really fun and a lot bigger than everyone had anticipated. North County San Diego loves the crossed up swells and Encinitas was benefiting from this new ocean energy. On Monday the winds calmed down, the sun came out and the guys took some time off from the factory to paddle into some really fun waves.

Adam Cap manages the factory floor at Bing Surfboards and also has a really nice flowing style. He’s seen riding a 7’2″ Pintail Mini with a single fin setup. Mick Rodgers is a Bing Team rider with his own surfboard model The Mr. Rodgers but he decided to mix it up with a 8’0″ Collector in a single fin setup for this session. James Parry also rides for Bing and he seemed to spend most of his time up on the tip of his California Square Tail. The UK transplant always makes it look so easy logging time on the last two inches of his surfboard.

We hope you were able to get out there in between the clouds and the wind. There’s been some great moments and it still looks like there’s some surf.

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If you didn’t know Bing Surfboards makes Bing leashes in Black and Bing Blue colors. We carry everything from short lightweight competition leashes to the standard 6 ft. all the way up to 10 ft. calf leashes for your longboard. Each leash proudly shows the Bing name along with the Good Karma label. Just another classy and functional item to enhance your surfboard riding experience. Currently available at the Bing Surf Shop in Encinitas, CA or online here:

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Video: Foam Symmetry – Noosa Festival 2014

Foam Symmetry Presents: Noosa Festival 2014, Shot over a couple of sessions at little cove.
Featuring: Jack Lynch, Mick Rodgers (Bing Team Rider), Matt Chojnacki, Jai Lee, Miles Livingstone, Thomas Bexon, Carl Goncalves, Braden Weir and Mitch Surman.

Filmed & Edited by: Nick Jones
Music: Ray Charles – What’d I say
Medium: Shot on Super8 & digital.
More Info:

Team: Alessandro Ponzanelli’s Recent Media Coverage

Bing Team rider Alessandro Ponzanelli has been traveling and getting some great coverage recently. Alessandro is seen holding a spread shot of himself surfing Sri Lanka in the new issue of SurfCulture from Italy. The new film Bella Vita was covered in the Italian magazine as well. He was also featured in the Japanese magazine Blue for their photo issue. Keep up the good work Alessandro! We love watching you surf.



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Taylor Nelson Between Classes

Taylor_Hawaii_classesPhotos: Terry Houston

Bing Team rider Taylor Nelson absorbing all the education she can handle while attending college in Hawaii. Homework in Hawaii takes on a whole new meaning when you have waves, water and conditions like this all year round.

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The Bing Surf Shop in Encinitas is proud to announce that we carry Danny Hess Handplanes and Belly Boards. If you’ve ever wanted to have a reason to get in the water more then you’ll want to get one or both of these items. They can turn any mediocre day into one of the most fun days ever. These boards allow you to look at more of your local surf breaks when you’re checking them, and with the small size you can always have it with you.

Does it look crowded outside but there is a small peeling barrel inside with no one on it? Then these tools will let you take advantage of it and avoid the crowds. It’s amazing how much faster you go with the hand plane or belly board allowing you to get barreled on the tiniest of waves. Smiles guaranteed.

Built by master wood working craftsman Danny Hess from Northern California. You know each one is a work of functional art that will last decades. Call or visit the Bing Surf Shop to get one.

802 N. Coast Hwy 101
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Sun 10am-5pm

Video: The Pass

THE PASS from Benjamin Alexis on Vimeo.

Bing Team riders Jesse Hinkle and Lola Mignot are two very unique, radical and friendly humans that also happen to surf their Bing Longboards incredibly well. This short offering was shot during a single session at The Pass, Byron Bay Australia during their month long stint in Aus for the Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Song- “Wild Machines” by Sleepy Sun